Town Election April 1, 2014

If you are interested in running for a town board trustee position, please pick up petitions and have them signed by Feb 28, 2014 with 10 names. They must be turned in by close of business on February 28.


Stage 1 Watering Restrictions (watering restrictions have not been placed in effect as of 24 Feb 2014)

13.05.030 Stage I shortage.
Stage I shortage may be declared when the Board of Trustees determines that: (a) there is not a full supply of water of three hundred (300) acre-feet; or (b) proactive measures should be taken to avoid orreduce the severity of a shortage. However, the Board of Trustees must formally approve the declaration of a Stage I shortage by resolution. During a Stage I shortage, the Town will increase public communication and education efforts aimed at water conservation, will encourage the community to conserve water wherever possible, and will evaluate the development of water rates that promote the efficient use of water. In addition, the following restrictions on the use of water by water customers shall be in effect during a Stage I shortage:
(1) All water customers shall be restricted to irrigation of turf grass to odd and even addresses every other day. No new grass or trees will be planted without obtaining a permit from the Town Clerk. The permit will allow the water customers to water for a two-week span only. (Ord. 2004-12 §2)

. Swink residents are reminded that the hard water system is for irrigation (lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs, etc) only. It is not a potable water system. Water in the hard water system is not treated.


 Terry Martin, CMC
Swink Town Clerk
PO BOX 267